Who Is The Tennis GOAT? Federer vs Nadal

Who Is The Tennis GOAT? Federer vs Nadal
Who do you think is the greatest tennis player of all time? Roger Federer or Rafa Nadal? Or is it someone else, Novak Djokovic maybe? Pete Sampras or another tennis legend. Let us know in the comments section. Right now, the talk of the tennis world is, will Rafa Nadal be able to win one more grand slam and equal Roger Federer's record number of twenty?
Nadal recently won the US Open for his 19th grand slam title and he's now only one behind the legend Federer. With Nadal having won two grand slams in 2019 and Federer winning none, it would make sense that in 2020, Nadal might be able to equal and even surpass Federer's tally.
But will that be the only benchmark for the claim of the GOAT?
Or does weeks at world number one also equate to greatness?
What about the head to head stats, Nadal has won 24 times and Federer has won 16 times. Does this mean Nadal is the better player?
In this video, Simon and Alex from Love Tennis will discuss all of these topics and more.
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