Roger Federer ● 21 Years of AWESOME Winning Celebrations!


And then there are still people who say Federer doesn't show any emotions...

With a lot of my videos I want to tell a story, or at least let them carry some knowledge of the beautiful world that is the game of tennis. Also, I aim to bring emotional videos that move the audience of tennis lovers, next to, of course, the entertainment value it should possess. Be it a simple highlight reel is the obvious storytelling video. With my 'Surprise or fake you out series' I intended it to have educational value above anything else. Regarding real emotional videos I'd have to think long and hard if I even had any on my channel :P. Lastly, the entertainment side of my channel is to be found in my 'Nuclear Forehand Encyclopedia' series, where I had set out to bombard my viewers with explosive imagery, that was hopefully good enough to create that popcorn craving tennis buzz!

Now I'm proud to bring you a video that ticks all those four aformentioned boxes to a certain degree. And to a certain extent, this might be the best video I will ever make! So I hope you Federer fans out there like this particular production enough to hit that subscribe button if you haven't done so yet.

Funnily enough this video almost didn't get made. Before I started working on this project I had a song in mind for a type of upbeat, hopeful and uplifting video that mirrored the powerful nature of the music conveyed by the band, and singer in particular. Alas, I didn't create that production I had initially daydreamed about. On the other hand I also had a type of video in mind to which I was hopelessly searching, night and day, for a totally different kind of music piece that would fit the purpose of said video like a glove. Again, that 2nd video never saw the light of day!

It was only when I merged the song from my first idea together with the concept of the other yet to be made video that I got my 'Eureka!' moment...As it turned out I needed a different 'glove' for my 2nd project and that the music I wanted to use for the 1st project did not have to visit the trash bin on my computer!



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