Tecnifibre TF40 305 Tennis Racquet Review | Tennis Express

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Tecnifibre has produced tour level performance in the TF40 305 Tennis Racquet. The 305 uses Tecnifibre's Dynacore XTC (Xtreme Touch Construction) braid throughout the entire racquet head for shock reduction, precision, and feel. Tennis traditionalists will love the RS Section, a flat 21.7 mm beam that offers a high level of consistency and stability. The racquet features a dense 18x20 string pattern, which is aided by new Xtense Bumper and Grommets. The system enlarges the sweet spot with longer eyelets and wider bumpers where the mains and crosses intersect with the frame.

The TF40 305 is the lighter than its big brother the 315, but has more than enough heft to put away short balls. At 11.4 ounces strung and with a player-friendly head-light balance, the racquet whips through the ball with ease. The TF40 series is a gift to advanced players seeking outstanding control over their fast swings and sublime touch around the net.

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